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Your Fragrance Journey Begins Here!

Signature Series Candles

3 Sizes to Choose From
in 8 Different Scents

Scent Shot Candles

Scents Candles More on the Masculine Side

Wish Candles

Magical Scents with Fairy Charms

Iridescent Candles

12 ounces of Gorgeous!

Our Most Popular!

Wax Melts

All of the Fragrance,
None of the Flame!

Scented Tag-a-Longs

Adorable Buddies for Your
Purse or Backpack!

♻️ Recycled Candles

Recycled & Reused!

Help the Planet Here!

Other Beautiful Treasures

Just Me Flexing My Creativity to Help Decorate Your Home!

Crocheted Kitchen Towels

These Are Not Scented,
But They Are Super Cute!